Emmanuel Nkurunziza

Dr. Emmanuel Nkurunziza is the Director General of Rwanda Natural Resources Authority and Chief Registrar of Land Titles since 2008. As Director General, he is the Chief Executive of the organization responsible for managing Rwanda's natural resources portfolio, including land, forests, water resources and minerals. As Chief Registrar of Land titles, he holds overall responsibility for the management of the national land registry. Dr. Nkurunziza's academic background is in Land Surveying but holds a PhD in Public Policy from the University of Birmingham (UK). He began his career in the academia, having worked in various roles as Research Fellow and Lecturer in the Universities of Makerere (Uganda) and Birmingham. Besides his full time job, Dr. Nkurunziza is also a member of several Boards of Directors for public and private institutions in Rwanda. He chairs the Boards of Directors for Rwanda Housing Authority, Rwanda's Fund for Environment and Climate change (FONERWA) as well as the Natural Capital Accounting National Steering Committee.