SNAPP TEAM:Gaming the Future: Communicating Climate
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Can video games succeed where traditional climate communication has failed?

Research has shown that the lack of public consensus about climate change is not due to a dearth of information, but rather due to the types of messages and the messengers being used to communicate about climate change. This one-time SNAPP Team explored how video games could influence the way people think about climate change and how urgently they act to address the issue.

Team Status: COMPLETED
Team Critical Challenge: Natural Climate Solutions
Josh Lawler
University of Washington
Max Boykoff
University of Colorado
Bruce Caron
New Media Research Institute
Martin Collier
Glaser Progress Foundation
Abi Evans
University of Washington
Dargan Frierson
University of Washington
Alan Gershenfeld
E-Line Media
Theresa Horstman
University of Washington
Kylee Ingram
Australian Documentaries and Elevator Entertainment
Debra Lieberman
University of California, Santa Barbara
Nalini Mohan
Wildlife Conservation Society
Grant Roberts
E-Line Media
Eric Sanderson
Wildlife Conservation Society
Richard Schmitz
Mobile Game Art Director
Emily Treat
Games for Change
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