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How can environmental anthropology, critical Indigenous studies and gender studies contribute to conservation practice and partnerships with Indigenous communities?

Scholars have examined conservation and development from a variety of theoretical perspectives. However, their findings can often be inaccessible to non-academics in conservation NGOs or Indigenous communities directly involved in conservation. These groups hold critical knowledge and are essential to conservation success on the ground.

OUR APPROACH: This group aims to apply social science-based thinking around race, class, and gender to everyday conservation practice by creating and facilitating cross-learning opportunities between researchers and communities.

Team Status: NEW
Team Critical Challenge: The Value of Nature
  • Synthesize studies in environmental anthropology, Indigenous studies, critical race theory, and gender studies that apply to conservation and sustainable development.
  • Organize focus groups in Melanesia to better understand how conservation is interpreted, understood, and practiced by Indigenous peoples and NGO partners.
  • Focus on the role of women in conservation leadership and decision making.
  • Apply findings within the existing work to develop guidance on how Indigenous people (especially women) can more actively direct the planning, design, implementation, and evaluation of conservation projects in Melanesia.
  • Apply the expertise of international Indigenous scholars, practitioners, and graphic designers to create and test practical conservation knowledge guides and toolkits.
  • Distribute toolkits and encourage their use online and through regional workshops in Melanesia with groups that lead on the ground conservation initiatives.
Robyn James
The Nature Conservancy
Paige West
Barnard College and Columbia University
Hoku Aikau
University of Utah
Madlyn Ero
The Nature Conservancy
Maria Estrada
The Nature Conservancy
Jamon Halvaksz
University of Texas, San Antonio
Stacy Jupiter
Wildlife Conservation Society
Tarcisius Kabutaulaka
University of Hawaii, Manoa
Cynthia Malone
American Museum of Natural History
Sangeeta Mangubhai
Wildlife Conservation Society
Allison Martin
The Nature Conservancy
Alex Mawyer
University of Hawaii, Manoa
Tiara R. Na’puti
University of Colorado, Boulder
Miriam Supuma
Papua New Guinea Institute of Biological Research
Magdalene Tara
The Nature Conservancy
John Aini
Ailan Awareness
Barbara Masike-Liri
The Nature Conservancy
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