Code and Templates are listed below:

404.php  (404 page)

footer.php (footer)

header.php (top navigation)

index.php (home page)

page-documentation.php (documentation pages)

page.php (generic page template)

search.php (search results page)

single-newsletters.php (individual newsletter page)

single-teams.php (individual team page)

css /

snapp.css (main SNAPP stylesheet)

img / (location all logos)


jquery.js (v3.2.1)

jquery.tablesorter.js (v2.28.15)

libraries /

bootstrap (front-end component framework; v3.3.7)

font-awesome (icon and CSS framework v4.6.3)

snap/ (location of newsletter contents)


content-annual-report.php (queries Annual Report list)

content-board-directors.php (queries Board of Directors list)

content-contact-us.php (queries Media inquiries and General inquiries pages)

content-management-team.php (queries Management Team list)

content-newsletters.php (queries Newsletters list)

content-our-collaborators.php (queries Collaborators list)

content-our-teams.php (queries Challenges list)

content-science-advisory-council.php (queries Science Advisory Council list)

content-solutions.php (queries Solutions list)

content-teams.php (queries Teams list)