About SNAPP Teams

SNAPP has engaged more than 680 institutions and more than 1190 experts from over 60 countries through more than  60 teams of scientists and stakeholders since 2013.

A SNAPP team is a multi-disciplinary group of experts representing a broad suite of sectors, institutions, and specialties who would not otherwise convene around a targeted, complex challenge. Teams include:

  • Academic experts in scientific fields directly relevant to the key questions
  • Representatives of governments, multilateral institutions, and the private sector
  • Practitioners from conservation, humanitarian, sustainable development, cultural, and spiritual organizations

To date, these teams have produced over 300 tools and other science-to-solution “products,” including over 140 peer-reviewed papers, and at least 12 spin-off initiatives have sprung from their work.

SNAPP teams work to find solutions to these critical challenges: