SNAPP TEAM:Advancing Coastal Defenses
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How and where can natural ecosystems provide effective flood risk reduction benefits?
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Op-Ed: There’s one big climate fight that California is losing

As climate change threatens lives and livelihoods in California, climate adaptation strategies will be essential to weather the literal and metaphorical storm. SNAPP scientists make the case for what needs to be done to lessen the risks and impacts of a changing climate.

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Mike Beck
University of California, Santa Cruz
Glenn-Marie Lange
Senior Economist (World Bank) and Environment for Development Initiative
Iñigo Losada
Environmental Hydraulics Institute IH Cantabria
Guillermo E. Franco
Guy Carpenter Co.
Borja Reguero
University of California, Santa Cruz
Chip Cunliffe
AXA Insurance Co.
Jane “Carter” Ingram
Pollination Group
Jessica Kendall-Bar
University of California, Santa Cruz
Pelayo Menendez Fernandez
University of California, Santa Cruz
Rae Taylor-Burns
University of California, Santa Cruz
Siddharth Narayan
East Carolina University
Todd S. Bridges
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
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