SNAPP TEAM:Saving Our Rivers
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Can we transition the power sector to reliable renewable energy sources without damming the world's remaining free-flowing rivers critical for freshwater biodiversity and people's livelihoods?
Team Status: COMPLETED
Team Critical Challenge:
Eilyan Bitar
School of Electrical & Computer Engineering Cornell University
Jeff Opperman
Global Science, WWF
Joe Kiesecker
Land & Water Conservation Science, TNC
Alex Flecker
Ecology & Evolution Biology, Cornell University
Christian Contreras Otiniano
TNC, North Andes & South Central America
Daniel Kammen
Renewable & Appropriate Energy Laboratory, School of Public Policy University of California, Berkeley
Grace Wu
University of California Davis, TNC, The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Juliana Delgado
The Nature Conservancy
Mariana Montoya
Wildlife Conservation Society, Peru
Mariana Varese
Wildlife Conservation Society Amazonia
Rafael Almeida
Ecology & Evolution Biology, Cornell University
Rafael Schmitt
The Woods Institute for the Environment, Stanford University, California
Ruth Tiffer Sotomayor
Environment & Natural Resources, World Bank
Vijay Modi
Millennium Villages Project, Columbia University
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