SNAPP TEAM:Saving Our Rivers
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Can we transition the power sector to reliable renewable energy sources without damming the world's remaining free-flowing rivers critical for freshwater biodiversity and people's livelihoods?
Team Status: COMPLETED
Team Critical Challenge:
Eilyan Bitar
School of Electrical & Computer Engineering Cornell University
Jeff Opperman
Global Science, WWF
Joe Kiesecker
Land & Water Conservation Science, TNC
Alex Flecker
Ecology & Evolution Biology, Cornell University
Christian Contreras Otiniano
TNC, North Andes & South Central America
Daniel Kammen
Renewable & Appropriate Energy Laboratory, School of Public Policy University of California, Berkeley
Grace Wu
University of California Davis, TNC, The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Juliana Delgado
TNC, North Andes & South Central America
Mariana Montoya
Wildlife Conservation Society, Peru
Mariana Varese
Wildlife Conservation Society Amazonia
Rafael Almeida
Ecology & Evolution Biology, Cornell University
Rafael Schmitt
The Woods Institute for the Environment, Stanford University, California
Ruth Tiffer Sotomayor
Environment & Natural Resources, World Bank
Vijay Modi
Millennium Villages Project, Columbia University
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