SNAPP TEAM:Andean Camelid Disease
What management actions will promote both human livelihoods and the health of vicuñas and guanacos, in the face of disease and other threats?

Mange is a global infectious skin disease that threatens the health and well-being of wildlife, livestock, and the people whose livelihood depends on them. Bolivia and Peru have the largest vicuña populations and appear severely impacted by mange. Vicuña are essential components of the Andean food chain and their extirpation would dramatically change the ecosystem. Climate change, habitat loss, pasture competition with livestock, and a lack of transparent regulations about the legal fiber trade all threaten to exacerbate the problem. This team seeks a holistic understanding of and novel control strategies for mange, which will mitigate the risks to public and ecosystem health.


OUR APPROACH: This project will compile data and knowledge about mange as it relates to wild and domestic camelids, other livestock, domestic animals and human health. We will integrate data on management practices, pasture quality and climate. Our interdisciplinary team includes experts in wildlife veterinary medicine, disease ecology, wildlife and conservation biology, rangeland ecology, agriculture, and livestock herding, and will engage rural communities, the livestock health sector, and key decision-makers to develop evidence-based, scalable solutions for mange control.

Team Status: ONGOING
Team Critical Challenge: Social Innovations




  • Promote science-based knowledge to overcome the myths regarding mange disease and management
  • Collate and compare mange severity, impact, and management data across the range
  • Identify potential common predictors of severe mange infestations
  • Develop a framework to facilitate holistic data sharing across the livestock-wildlife-human sectors
  • Develop ecologically informed management plans that mitigate disease impacts by informing and supporting central animal health agencies
Paul Cross
Chris Walzer
Wildlife Conservation Society
Fabian Beltran
Wildlife Conservation Society
Brandie Fariss
University of Massachusetts - Amherst/TNC
Kaitlyn Gaynor
Alynn Martin
Jose Mena
Wildlife Conservation Society
Mariana Montoya
Wildlife Conservation Society, Peru
Steve Smith
Vetmed Vienna
Robert Wallace
Wildlife Conservation Society
Molly Cross
Wildlife Conservation Society
Victor Hugo Castillo Doloriert
CONOPA - Research and Development of Camelids Institute
Catherine Dougnac
Wildlife Conservation Society
Martin Funes
Wildlife Conservation Society
Ana Gallegos
Wildlife Conservation Society
Jessica Galvez-Durand
National Forest and Wildlife Authority
Benito Gonzales
Jose Luis Mollericona
Wildlife Conservation Society
Luis Antonio Gomez Puerta
San Marcos National University - UNMSM
Marcela Uhart
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