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Our Challenge
Will integrating and comparing tradeoffs among multiple land-use options and relative values generate greater, more durable returns for nature and people’s prosperity?

Critical land-use decisions are often made without understanding the full range of potential tradeoffs different land-use choices might yield among social, economic and environmental values. This group will model and field-test values for, a) habitat for biodiversity, b) water quality and water quantity related ecosystem services, c) carbon sequestration, and d) economic returns from grazing, crop and timber production, and other market oriented activities..

Team Status
Team Critical Challenge

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Land cover change maps for Mato Grosso State in Brazil: 2001-2016
Public database
Modeling the soy moratorium in Brazil Technical report
Team Leaders
Derric Pennington 
World Wildlife Fund
Joe Fargione
The Nature Conservancy
Stephen Polasky
University of Minnesota
Carlos Durigan
Wildlife Conservation Society
Team Members
Alexandre Ywata 
Instituto de Pesquisa Econômica Aplicada 
Alexine Keuroghlian 
Wildlife Conservation Society 
Aline Mosnier 
International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis 
Andrew Plantinga 
University of California, Santa Barbara 
Claire Runge 
University of California, Santa Barbara
Dave Lewis 
Oregon State University 
Dave Naugle 
Don Eaton
Wildlife Conservation Society 
Erik Nelson 
Bowdoin College
Fernando Ramos 
Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais 
Gilberto Camara 
Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciáis 
John Withey
Florida International University 
Josh Lawler
University of Washington
Mario Barroso
World Wildlife Fund
Meg Symington
World Wildlife Fund
Michael Coe 
Woods Hole Research Center 
Michael Obersteiner 
International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis 
Ruben Lubowski
Environmental Defense Fund
Sebastian Martinuzzi 
University of Wisconsin 
Volker Radeloff
University of Wisconsin