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How can we better align coastal habitat restoration efforts with nature conservation and the provision of societal benefits?

Healthy coastal habitats are critical to the health of people and the planet. However, reefs, marshes and coastal forests around the world have been highly degraded and reduced to a small fraction of their historic extent. In order for governmental agencies to make informed decisions regarding coastal restoration, they must first understand what policies and projects have already been implemented.


OUR APPROACH: The Coastal Restoration team is compiling a database of all restoration projects conducted by major agencies and entities, including the NOAA Restoration Center, US Fish and Wildlife Service, US Army Corps of Engineers, US EPA, and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. By synthesizing these data, the team can identify opportunities for future projects to build upon past restoration efforts for the most benefit to coastal ecosystems and communities.

Team Status: ONGOING
Team Critical Challenge: Natural Climate Solutions


  • Inform US Federal agencies to support more appropriate decision-making around funding coastal restoration to more effectively improve ecosystems and societies.
  • Review and classify past and current restoration projects to build on the knowledge base that can inform future coastal ecosystem conservation opportunities.
Key Products
Investing in Natural and Nature-Based Infrastructure: Building Better Along Our Coasts

In this perspective piece in Sustainability, the authors benefits, opportunities, and challenges associated with  building nature-based infrastructure.

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