SNAPP TEAM:Managing Soil Organic Carbon
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Can healthy soil promote healthy ecosystems in rangelands and croplands?

Soil organic matter is central to soil health in agriculture because it influences several important outcomes related to human and environmental well-being, like crop yield, carbon storage, and nutrient retention. There is momentum to build up soil organic matter for other working lands, like rangelands, where the benefits are less quantified. There is generally little quantitative evidence for which specific soil organic matter levels managers should target to achieve positive outcomes and avoid environmental consequences.


OUR APPROACH: This group aims to advance the science of soil organic matter to develop specific targets for management—and spatial prioritizing of management—to best meet agronomic outcomes and environmental benefits, for both row-crop and rangeland systems. This group focuses specifically on two case studies: rangelands in California and row-crop agriculture in the US midwest.

Team Status: ONGOING
Team Critical Challenge: Natural Climate Solutions


  • Develop quantitative targets of soil management for conservation goals
  • Provide scientific evidence to support efforts to promote soil health
  • Advance understanding about links and differences between soil health and ecosystem health
Stephen Wood
The Nature Conservancy
Deborah Bossio
The Nature Conservancy
Mark Bradford
Yale University
Chelsea Carey
Point Blue
Larry Clemens
The Nature Conservancy
Anne Dietz
Soil Health Partnership
Joe Fargione
The Nature Conservancy
Eli Fenichel
Yale University
Jon Fisher
The Nature Conservancy
Emma Fuller
Sasha Gennet
The Nature Conservancy
Kelly Gravuer
The Nature Conservancy; Arizona State University
Daniel Kane
Yale University
Rodd Kelsey
The Nature Conservancy
Johannes Lehman
Cornell University
Shefali Mehta
Soil Health Partnership
Emily Oldfield
Yale University
Elsa Ordway
Stanford University
Cheryl Palm
University of Florida
Leslie Roche
University of California, Davis
Joe Rudek
Environmental Defense Fund
Jonathan Sanderman
Woods Hole Research Center
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