SNAPP TEAM:Zero Deforestation Landscapes
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Can innovative mapping tools help small-holders and companies meet commitments to zero-deforestation supply chains?

In response to global demand for sustainable production of goods, hundreds of companies have promised to stop producing, buying, and selling agricultural commodities grown on recently deforested land. But the current method available to support managers’ efforts to do this is inadequate for several reasons: it is complex, expensive, and may limit the success of wildlife conservation in associated forests.

OUR APPROACH: Our team of experts in remote sensing, conservation biology, landscape ecology, and supply chain management will collaborate with conservation groups, companies, and smallholder cooperatives to understand the technical and financial barriers they face when seeking to access zero-deforestation supply chains. Based on this collaboration, the team aims to produce a tool (e.g., a map or decision support tool) that can help users overcome the above identified barriers while maintaining forest connection and corridors.

Team Status: NEW
Team Critical Challenge: The Value of Nature
  • Engage small producers and identify any and all barriers that prevent them from selling products in zero-deforestation supply chains.
  • Create consistent, landscape-scale maps of forests protected under zero-deforestation commitments.
  • Explore how forests protected by companies can best contribute to wildlife conservation by modeling their connectedness to other protected areas.
Kimberly Carlson
University of Hawaii, Manoa
Robert Heilmayr
University of California, Santa Barbara
Peter Bayliss
REA Holdings PLC
Jason Jon Benedict
University of California, Santa Barbara
David Burns
National Wildlife Federation
Hedley Grantham
Wildlife Conservation Society
Jane Hill
York University
Matthew Luskin
Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
Charlotte Opal
Grant Rosoman
Musnanda Satar
The Nature Conservancy
Edi Suhardi
Goodhope Asia Holdings Ltd
Joann de Zegher
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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